What Is The WEB 3.0? Everything You Need To Know!

Everyone is nowadays talking about Web 3.0. But have you ever heard of there was web 1.0 and web 2.0? Before going to web 3.0 we will first discuss web 1.0 and web 2.0 simultaneously with Web 3.0. 

What is web 1.0?

Web 1.0 was the internet technology that a lot of content creators used to post content. There were a huge number of people who used to consume the content. In web 1 web hosting was free and advertisement was allowed on the web pages in web1. This web technology was a major evolution in the internet world.web 1.0 comes around the 1990s to 2000’.

In simple words, web 1.0 means where people used to just share content and some people have access to create content. Like you have posted on your web page something and some do not agree with that content and want to comment on that but in web 1.0 you have to meet that person offline to discuss that issue. It’s more like a home page without any comment section. We can say a static page where only the owner will post content.

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What is web 2.0?

On the other hand, when we talk about web 2.0, this is the era when Google, Facebook, Amazon are the major companies that held on during the dot-com bubble. In web 2.0 people have more access to the internet. There are many content creators and also many content consumers on web 2.0. This is the era when social media and web browsers came on the internet. The internet became more controlled by big tech giants and they made policies for their social media apps.

People have less control over their information. In web 2.0 we can interact with each other on social media and also content can be posted by the owner of the platform or can be posted by the user. But the owner will decide what a user can post on that specific platform. Web 2.0 is also called a centralized web too as it is controlled by a regulatory agency.

Let’s discuss this with an example, Everyone knows Twitter, when posting something on Twitter your Twitter handle. Someone wants to discuss this issue online, you will have access to discuss or comment on this issue on Twitter. If your post breaches Twitter guidelines then they are able to block you from posting again on their network again. Also when you create an account on any page or visit a particular page or when you watch a particular type of content on the web or social media apps they sell our information to different advertisers and then these advertisers used to target us on the basis of that data. 

What is web 3.0?

Web 3.0 started in the early 2010s but is getting hot nowadays as everyone is talking about the NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and web 3.0 and blockchain, etc. As we know in web 2.0 companies or CEOs used to control what we want to see or how our data will be used to target us by advertisers. This increases the risk to the privacy of the user. Sometimes the ads are really toxic as they were shown to be used many times everywhere.

But in web 3.0 the internet will be more decentralized and our data will not be used by companies to directly target us. We will have more control over our privacy. The company’s or owners’ control will be less than the web 2.0 on the web. Because web 3.0 will work on the Ethereum network which is built in the blockchain network. 

Cryptocurrencies have been built on the blockchain network and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is bitcoin and which can be sent to any person in the world with any bank as a mediator between the two. There are many different types of technologies built on blockchain which are said to be the future of the web.

NFTs are one of them which are built with the help of blockchain networks. NFT’s full form is a nonfungible token. In NFT networks different types of digital assets are sold for cryptocurrencies like some Bored Ape Yacht NFT images are sold for around 3 lakh dollars nowadays. It’s a set of unique images put on sale on the NFT network.


These are just some of the most popular technologies of the blockchain network. In the coming year, web 3 will be more secure for our privacy. Also, the speed of the web will increase.

Also, social media nowadays will also change into metaverse-like things. There will be less dependency on intermediaries for many things.

The companies which are using our data by selling to advertisers and controlling our social life in many ways will not be able to do like nowadays. We will be the decider of what content we want to see and the web will be more a user focus in web 3.0.

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