The Batman Never Seen Before: A Deep Dive Into The Batman

Detective Comics Extended Universe coming up with another superhero movie with Robert Pattinson. Batman’s release date has been already delayed for many reasons in previous times but now DCEU is set to release the movie on March 4, 2022. DC has been not that much impactful with the last movies except The Dark Knight. But this time many things can make this movie one of the best movies of all time for DCEU and with the superstar like Robert Pattinson is going to act as Bruce Wayne now fans are also expecting many more from the Batman franchise this time.

The Batman Scene

Here are the main reasons you should watch this Batman movie

Was DC Playing with the Batman Trailer :

DCEU first launched the trailer named The Batman and after some time they launched a new trailer named The Batman: Bat and The Cat. This shows that this movie is going to be all over batman and cat also. The Catwomen in earlier Batman movies was one of the villains, but this seems different as we have seen a romantic scene between Batman and Cat. The Cat has been the arch-rival of Bat-man in DC comics but this time Matt Reeves is taking The Batman in a new universe. People are expecting that this movie is going to be the best Batman in the DC universe. The Batman: The Bat and The Cat Trailer below this line.

Hype Factor for Batman?

One of the main reasons for delaying Batman’s release date was Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. DC want to create the hype for this movie as this time they are taking the Batman movie to the other universe. The movie which supposes to release in 2021 was also not released. Due to covid 19-second wave in many parts of the world also the whole cinema industry was on complete shut. Now everything looks good and DC is giving a new edge to the Batman fans are hyped for this movie. We are eagerly waiting to release this movie in theaters on March 4, 2022.

Riddler: The Main Villain

Robert Pattinson is going to play along with the main villain of the movie Paul Dano as Riddler. In the DC comics, Riddler is one of the mysterious criminals of all time in Gowtham. As he leaves a clue for the crime he did and This has been said that this riddler has been made more spine-chilling than what DCEU show him in their fiction comics. Also, the looks of the Riddler are now made darker to make this film more of a DC stuff.

Riddler has been taken from real-life villain Zodiac who left clues and has never been caught by the authorities in the past. This makes The Batman more interesting with the villain. Can he stop this fearsome villain from doing crime in the movie along with the Catwoman?

This is the official trailer of The Batman below this line :

Can there be a Batverse in DC like MCU ?

People thought The Batman is going to be a part of the DCEU but in an interview with Esquire UK, Matt Reeves said that this is not a part of the DCEU. He said this Batman movie is going to be different from the DC universe where Wonder Woman and Aquaman are connected. Also wanted to make this movie different from the previous universe. He wanted to take it to a new universe which can be multiversal in the coming years.

Matt Reeves can take the Batman movie into the multiverse as Marvel has done in their movies. Reeves can make DC stand in front of the Marvel Universe. There are many intense scenes in the movie trailer which can take this movie towards one the best movie of all time for DC after The Dark Knight where Heath Ledger Played the role of a joker with his remarkable performance in the movie and also fans like the philosophy behind that movie.

Is The Batman a marketed movie?

DC has done a great job in the trailer after showing the trailer in an iconic way. After that, the soundtrack of the movie is also going to be crazy this time as seen in the trailers. But last Sunday Warner Bros released a clip from this iconic movie in the NBA All-Star Game broadcast. And cool VFX has been used in the showtime and also Robert Pattinson’s jump scene was insane at that moment. People have different opinions on this movie but most of them are praising this movie. Casting a lot and saying this one is the best crafted Bat-man movie of all time. After the world premiere of The Batman, many have shared their reviews and said The Batman is a triumph, thriller, and also Robert Pattinson feels like the best detective in this movie with the amazing animations.

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What is the main cast of Batman?

Robert Pattinson: As Bruce Wayne

Zoë Kravitz: As Selina Kyle

Barry Keoghan: As Officer Stanley Markel

Paul Dano: As Edward Nashton

Release Date of The Batman: March 4, 2022


Batman is going to be an insane film in terms of animations and dialog as seen in the Trailer and teasers. Also, the act of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne is a dope thing to watch in theaters after Tenet. Eternal Star Barry Keoghan is also in the role of the officer from Gotham city who is looking cool in this role like any other of his acts. The Batman and Cat fantasy is also might change in this movie looking forward to your reviews after watching this movie on  March 4. Please watch and comment on your thoughts about the movie.

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